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BASE lively, colorful and full of ideas.

The show "BASE" contains a wild mix of unique, classic and highly athletic variety art, paired with hip influences from the new cultural movement.
BASE is good for take off. BASE is the guarantee for a good mood, for innovative artistry and the fourth dimension in variety theater.

Opera meets young lifestyle here. The result is a completely new interpretation of the vaudeville work of art. A show somewhere between “college musical” and “spring awakening”.
For "BASE" international newcomers and the "young and wild" from Berlin were united. All performances were created in the BASE Berlin culture workshop. The artists think young, have their own style and create stage highlights from the trends in youth culture and theater.
What the ten young artists have designed under the direction of Pierre Caesar breaks all boundaries of what has been seen so far. A seething fountain of youth for body, mind and soul. Colorful, imaginative, lively and refreshingly unconventional.
“For the new BASE show, international newcomers were united and new performances were created,” it says dryly in the press release. More than an understatement. Freedom on all levels: on the stage, in the head, with the music, in the presentation. Opera, rock, pop, classic, modern, schnulze. The description of the musical framework alone shows that BASE knows no boundaries. "I have to get out of the corset, because life is wide and fat," sings Lina Navakaite (33), dismantling her bodice and rocking into the bright light, freed from given constraints. This limitless desire to explore, try, create new things and infect old things with surprising things is what sets BASE apart.
Breathtaking dance acrobatics and adorable dancers with Chris Myland and Felice Aguilar. 
Whether Bertran Canbeldek (20) jumps across the stage like one of his rubber balls, or Felice Aguilar (21) expresses himself with breathtaking dance acrobatics, it is the own style of youthful carefree that makes BASE its mark.
This new generation of athletic artists does not dwell on basic technical issues. Everything sits and fits here. It is the cheerful, cheeky, sometimes refreshing audacity, the conscious break with the tried and tested, which opens new doors. Self-deprecating and full of humor, David Pereira (21) conquered the last female domain of artistry: the art of contortion. Whether with angel wings in the boring shopping basket, or as a lascivious hula hoop seducer in a tight leather corsage. David Pereira is "very feminine"
Again and again it is the contradictions that arouse interest. Dennis Mac Dao (21) also develops a network of bizarre and comedy in order to uniquely combine the poetic world of ballet with artistic elements. Actually, it is indescribable and can only be put into words to a limited extent, how Chris Myland (22) ignites his "fireworks of gymnastics" explosively and yet extremely lovingly. It goes high with Samira Reddmann (20). On the trapeze, she succeeds in an "aerial act" with captivating charm and full of expressiveness. Steady handwork is the trademark of Katharina Lebedew (23). The five-time German master in hand acrobatics turned BASE on its head.
The links between all these grandiose highlights are Pablo Cesar (31) and Thomas John (23), who set dynamic highlights with idiosyncratic illusion acrobatics and a “smart good mood guarantee”.

The ensemble:
Bertan Canbeldek: juggling, comedy
Dennis Mac Dao: Dance
Samira Reddmann: Trapeze
Pablo Caesar: partner acrobatics
Chris Myland: partner acrobatics, dance
David Pereira: contortion, hula hoop
Lina Navakaite: singing, opera
Katharina Lebedew: handstand equilibristics, dance
Felice Aguilar: acrobatics, dance
Thomas John: Comedy
Claudel Doucet: contortion, aerial silk

Directed by Pierre Caesar
Co-director: Markus Pabst

Choreography: Dennis Mac Dao, Chris Myland
Stage technology: Reinhard Bichsel
Stage design: Daniela Drobny
Light design: Reinhard Bichsel, Pierre Caesar

Playing time: approx. 2 hours including a break

A production by GOP showconcept in cooperation with More Promotion and kind support from BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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