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A tribute to youthful love realized in acrobatic, dance, theater.
Base Berlin presents the work “Spring Awakening” based on Frank Wedekind's drama “Spring Awakening”. The subtitle: "Smelling Like Teenspirit". This includes the amalgamation of the youthful-erotic impetus and the pubescent self-discovery in the spirit alike.
Even today's “generation of porn” ultimately goes through the same development, if one considers the essential aspects that puberty brings with it reduced, as Wedekind described them in his work from 1891 by his protagonists. Sexual curiosity and lust meet emotional confusion and exaggerated rebellion meets spiritualized idealism - and all of this sometimes alternately every three minutes ...
What director Markus Papst brings to the stage in many ways is a loving, sensitive homage to “Spring Awakening”. What can be seen is a non-verbal interpretation that focuses on the three main characters and in which all of the aforementioned topics of youth development are reflected. The explosive mixture of dance, acrobatics, hip hop and ballet in the performance of the young body artists inspires through the professional arrangement and skills of the three dancers Felice Aquilar, Christian Myland and Dennis Mac Dao. And yet the piece does not drift: Pope has neither one created a shallow American musical, with the emphasis still placed on the element of eroticism.
Spring Awakening "inspires with inspiring aesthetics and the memory of your own first great feelings ... •
Choreography: Dennis Mac Dao and Christian Myland.
Director: Markus Pabst
Playing time:  approx. 90 minutes.
A production by BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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