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Leela Tinelli

She arrived from afar,  where for more than ten years she studied the sea gulls ways of thinking and concluded:

"It's really beautiful !!!"

This method of search then allowed her to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts at the University of Nice.

Attracted by risk and glitter, she joined the universe of the circus. She traveled the world (Cannes, Geneva, Brussels), integreting rich and varied training (circus, clown, dance, singing); Piste d'Azur, Theater Cirqule, Ecole Supèrieure des Arts du Cirque de Brussels (ESAC). She specialized in the aerial rope. She joined several companies as a singer and circus artist (Aerial rope, trapeze, flying rope and aerial hoop)                       After this emotional journey, some close friends led her to Michel Dallaire, who then began to teach her the art of being Clown.

Beside Laura Franco (pianiste-clown), she created;

The Visit around the Spy Hole; "Kitchen Pollar"

The stunt women of the possible; musical and clown cabaret

Then some solo with the personage Divine Paloma; the English Diva.

From 2010, she was caught by the Soeurs Pilleres to travel the German Theater Varietes, GOP and Palazzo Colombino. And decide in 2015, finely to live in Germany; Berlin.

This moving did conduce her to some new experience and collaborations!

She had some collaboration with Stefan Warmuth, Markus Pabst for the red colors of "WET the Show" in the Gop Munich.

Than with Detlef Winterberg, she creat an Aerial comedy singing act; «Fly Me! ». she did perform it Winter 2016 in a Burlesque Revue for Café Hahn (Fortress).

She is actually in creation of a new act with Alessandro Di Saglio for 2017!

Today, she walks in a city, wear size 36 high heels,

and her desire to follow the curves of the beautiful rollers coaster of life.

Leela Tinelli

Leela Tinelli

Bilder sind in der Regel urheberrechtlich geschützt.

Leela Tinelli

Leela Tinelli

Bilder sind in der Regel urheberrechtlich geschützt.

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