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The "Caesar Twins"  - even more mature, even better.
With their lascivious charm, high artistic ability, refined light and video effects, they tell in the impressive personality program
“Caesar Twins”, so to speak, their life story. The miracle in vaudeville: after a life-threatening 8-meter fall, the Caesar Twins are the stars of the German and international vaudeville scene.

Your show is a medley of light art, artistry, club atmosphere and circus magic. The identical twins Pierre and Pablo stand out from the crowd of international vaudeville artists because they pair artistic perfection with the lifestyle of young people of the new millennium. The English press and they themselves call their athletic performances "acropop". With this type of body art, they manage to address young target groups beyond the traditional variety audience.
The Caesar twins spent their childhood between the gym, school and hotel room. Her career as a sports acrobat (European and world champion) made it impossible for her to stay in one place for a long time at a young age. When they turned 18, they decided to swap the world of sport for that of circus and theater, and together they climbed the steep path to the world's show stages.
However, times were not always rosy: Many years ago, a life-threatening fall of five minutes younger Pablo in a circus from eight meters and the subsequent six-month struggle to be able to perform again cast a dark shadow over the dream career of the two. Catched and supported by her friend  Markus Pabst, they created a concept for their own show that was performed by the GOPs and achieved renewed success. They gave each other strength and, contrary to the predictions of all doctors, made a comeback.
The twins are now big stars in the acrobatic firmament. Even Queen Elisabeth II recognized her extraordinary talent and invited her to  at the largest English television show, the "77. Royal Variety Performance "in Cardiff. In addition to the Queen, they delighted 12 million TV viewers that evening.
After their world tour last year, Pablo and Pierre Caesar are now presenting their extravagant show directed by Markus Pabst. The physical wounds have healed, but the difficult times have not yet been forgotten. On the contrary: The twins decided to make the terrible fall an object of their show and thus bring their fears and emotions into the performance - a stark contrast to the light, lively, fresh elements of their partner acrobatics. Many exciting artist friends will accompany you during your performances - including expressive and gifted musicians.
Director: Markus Pabst
Playing time:  approx. 2 hours including a break
A BASE BERLIN production in collaboration and with the kind support of More Promotion. Subject to changes.
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