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The prince and the wild girl

  After Beethoven's lost opera for children
The 8th GOP Children's Christmas Musical Hannover 2019
  for children from 4 years!
The young prince is just bored at court. He dreams of wild adventures and finally getting to know normal people. Only his best friend, the king's jester, can help. He shows the prince the little circus that is currently performing in town.
There he sees the wild girl who shows her tricks high up on the aerial swing. The king's son is fascinated by the wild, strong girl who loves adventure and rages on until it crashes. So the prince falls in love with her and the normal life of the girl.
“That's not right,” says the king, because these two worlds don't go together ... But the children fight for their friendship supported by their best friend, the king's jester!
The prince and the wild girl: a wonderful musical fairy tale in which you even learn a lot about Beethoven almost on the side, or did you know, for example, that Beethoven didn't like to wash himself?
Natascha Alice Pavia    
Daria Reich                     
Dennis-Daniel Demmin
Mark Wartenberg                 
Jack Woodhead                     
Markus Pabst                         
Book and lyrics: Markus Pabst
Music and musical direction: Jack Woodhead
Direction: Pierre Caesar and Markus Pabst
A production by BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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