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20 20
The 20s variety revue
Director: Pierre Caesar / Markus Pabst
“Walk into the roaring twenties!” Is the motto in the winter garden vaudeville - a greeting that promises a dazzling evening in yesterday and today. With the opulent show production "20 20 - The 20s Varieté Revue" it goes back to the most sinful decade of all time, which was especially celebrated in Berlin, the golden twenties - and at the same time full speed ahead into the new 2020s.

Not only the stage, but the entire ambience of the house is transformed perfectly into a perfect establishment of the sinful decade. The Berlin directors Pierre Caesar and Markus Pabst as well as the gifted composer and entertainer Jack Woodhead are thus resurrecting the era in which people were as addicted to entertainment as they are today. Always looking for frivolous sensations. The highlight: Everything - the entire theater from the entrance to the foyer and the toilets to the stage, even the staff and the audience, are and will become part of the scenery and the wonderfully crazy spectacle. Of course, this evening will also be a culinary experience; As always, the hotel's gastronomy will serve all kinds of fine dishes at the highest level, appropriate to the topic.

The show is not only a close, authentic reflection of the 1920s, which we are still fascinated by today, but also a sinful prophecy of what the coming decade has in store for us: the ambience, decoration and costumes allow visitors to indulge in the flair of the roaring twenties. And the heroes of today and tomorrow act on the stage, the night figures of Berlin in the 2020s. Breathtaking burlesque dance, erotic contortion, fantastic aerial poetry, extravagant choreographies, beguiling melodies - at the latest now you are completely immersed in a unique, astonishing cosmos full of bizarre figures that not only enchant with their acrobatic top performances.

Surprisingly, visually powerful and rapidly, they unleash the famous sizzling dance on the volcano, stage an exuberant spectacle with top-class acrobatics and live music that takes you into a world populated by artists, dancers and transvestites.
The guests can look forward to an evening that presents elegant and provocative Varieté Noir in its most exciting form, garnished with the finest culinary delights. An evening that could have taken place 100 years ago in the old winter garden on Friedrichstrasse - and how it will take place in this very place in the next 20s: in the Wintergarten Varieté Berlin.
Jack Woodhead | Moderation, comedy, singing      
To describe the Manchester-born entertainer as an emcee falls far too short: Rather, Jack Woodhead is a human total work of art from which one does not want to recover so quickly. The classically trained pianist is taken away from him as soon as he skilfully hits the keys - and Jack Woodhead embodies all other facets of his dazzling personality no less convincingly. Nobody wears haute couture so casually, thinks so fast, weird, original and is such a charming host as he. How nice that there were such birds of paradise in Berlin in the 1920s - and that they are still there today!
Collins Brothers | Comedy
The madness of human existence is the breeding ground for the Collins Brothers. With their black anarcho-humor of the acts laid out in their 20s flair, the two won prizes in Monte Carlo in 1990, since then they have been causing unrestrained salmon volleys at the best show productions around the world. Even Woody Allen has been shown to shed tears at the humor of these two weirdos. Whether they break up magic tricks like the sawed-up maiden into their components or repeatedly  appear as a "running gag" in the current show  - the stupid Helmut and his brother are just plain madness. By the way: The show "20 20" will be a home game for the comedians, because the Collins Brothers are originally from Berlin. Here they attended the State Art School at the beginning of their careers.
David Pereira | Contortion + Hula Hoop 
David Pereira has mastered the art of contortion like no other man: he bends his body as he pleases. His extraordinary choreographies range between passionate dance and sensual comedy. That Pereira also has a connection to the Roaring Twenties, he already proved in the French TV show “La France a un incroyable talent”: Here he showed his special artistry in 2013 to the music of “Cabaret” - and made it to the finals. He already proved that he stands for the rebirth of the new 20s in his legendary show "The Trip" in the winter garden.
Thula Moon | Aerial hoop + contortion    
After she discovered her passion for the art of circus at the age of six, Thula Moon Martin began her career with the HICCUP Circus on the island of Hawaii. At the age of 14 she started her professional career, which brought international tours and new show creations with it. In 2015 she graduated from the renowned National Circus School in Montreal. Thula has developed a unique style on her pneumatic tire that combines dynamism, power and artistic tricks. In addition, she is consistently looking for innovative ways to exceed the technical and artistic limits of her genre.
Girma Tsehai | Pole + hat juggling    
Girma Tsehai was born in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, lives in Berlin and has been perfecting his "craft" since he was seven - he started gymnastics even then. He soon developed a very special style, an intense mixture of juggling that defies gravity and first-class acrobatics that gives each show its own color.
With his skills and stunning personality, Girma was one of the first artists to be invited to the fresh and innovative performance group BASE Berlin. The result is a new style that has taken him around the globe: the exceptional artist played for a long time in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France. Girma works tirelessly on new ideas and tricks into which he incorporates his diverse experiences and innovative improvisations. In its sensual and funny  Hat juggling  he shows everything and reveals nothing.
Alessandro Di Sazio | Dance + pole  
Alessandro stands for an electrifying, modern stage style. The Italian, who lives in Berlin, likes to jump back and forth between genres and art forms, to use the best of everything, to mix it with something new and to create something completely unique from it. Stations in life and titles - among other things he won the world breakdance championship  - Serve him as a technical starting point, which he then develops artistically. As a dancer and as an acrobat on the Chinese mast, he lets himself into a new creative process with everything he feels at every show. ​
Dennis Mac Dao | dancer
The way in which Dennis Mac Dao hovers, flies and dances over the stage does not fit into any common genre category. The half-Vietnamese from Berlin has created his very own kind of performance. As a child he was so crazy about movement that his parents sent him out on the ice so that he could give free rein to his dancing talent. But that's not all: Dennis completed his training as a stage dancer at the State Ballet School in Berlin. He found his Mac Dao style and now delights the audience with the poetry of his solo performances.

Chris Myland | Straps + dancers      
Chris Myland brought dance to the vaudeville theater. He uses the language of hip hop, performing dance and his limitless passion - and thus creates a completely unmistakable style of his own. Each of his movements is deeply emotional and stirring. Humor and expressiveness meet passion and great art. Chris Myland earns great applause for his soulful, loving and always artistically top-class performances and also brings his dance into the air.
Katharina Lebedew | Handstand acrobatics + dancer
Born in Kazakhstan, Katharina Lebedew has dedicated herself to one of the most beautiful, graceful, elegant forms of body art - handstand acrobatics. Her artistic origins lie in sport: she won the German championship five times in her discipline. However, technical perfection is only the basis on which their artistic performance is based. Katharina's model is the graceful movements of amphibians - they are constantly changing, changing dynamics. The artist perfectly stages her almost ethereal beauty with music, contemporary dance, a black robe and her flexible body, and, in keeping with the show's motto, mixes elements of burlesque with her handstand skills.
Duo Sienna | Pole + air ring + aerial fabric
The new goddesses of the sky  - that's Sina Brummer and Vienna Holz. Together they show their impressive feats high above the heads of the audience, conquering the air ring and the vertical pole as a duo. They have turned the Pole, which also stands for eroticism and sensuality, into an art form of their own. Vienna also works as a soloist on the air ring, Sina shows her skills on the aerial silk. Elegant shapes and seemingly effortless-looking movements, breathtaking synchronicity: the performance of the two young women who completed their training at the State Art School in Berlin is of graceful beauty, unbelievable agility and is full of great emotions.
Banbury Cross  | Classic Burlesque + Marilyn Monroe 
The international burlesque actress Miss Banbury Cross ("The Bulletproof Blonde") is known for her classic Hollywood glamor: Her repertoire includes a wet and wild champagne number, equally attractive and undressing ... She is also known as that “Neo-Marilyn” - and she shows a classic, unmistakable fan dance that boasts that “it is nothing that you have already seen”. Since her debut in 2009, her vintage style, with a winking reference to the 20s, has  Sex appeal - the British burlesque dancer is definitely an exceptional artist.
Doris  | cloth
Only young artists can enchant with their artistry? Anyone who thought so will be taught better by this special artist: Doris is the oldest acrobat still working on the aerial silk. She was born in 1945, graduated from the artist school in Berlin in 1965 - and then performed all over the world. Tours with the GDR State Circus took her to Egypt, Finland, Japan, Denmark, Hungary, Estonia and Sweden, among others. Her love for her extraordinary job is unbroken - she still shows with grace, elegance and strength that the seemingly impossible is possible! The winter garden has built a mini version of her “golden room” especially for her.  It is circus history and cannot be ignored, even briefly  to get on the cloth.
Yamil Borges | singing       
Yamil Borges began his career at the famous New York musical forge "La Guardia High School Of Performing Arts". When Leonard Bernstein re-staged his "West Side Story" on Broadway in 1979, he engaged the American for the role of Rosalia. In no time she became a Broadway star. In the musical film "A Chorus Line" in 1985 she played a hopeful musical actress at the side of Michael Douglas, a role for which she did not have to pretend. Further appearances on television followed, for example in the crime series "Miami Vice" and the "Bill Cosby Show". After she played the leading role in the musical "Chicago" at the Theater des Westens in 2000, she became a Berliner by choice.
Ye Fei  | singing  
The life path of the singer Ye Fei by no means comes off the drawing board: Even with a lot of imagination, such a vita writes a vita, in the best case, life itself: the 30-year-old Chinese devoted himself entirely to music and singing as a teenager. As an adult, he preferred acting to then run a restaurant. There, in turn, it was the music that, in addition to the good food, delighted the guests. In this way, Ye Fei was discovered as a singer by director Markus Pabst in order to inspire with his extraordinary skills. These Chinese artists are not expected to be one of the best Nessun dorma performers in the world.
Tobias Tinker | Keyboard, accordion, horn, trumpet
Tobias Tinker is a Canadian-born composer, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and producer who lives in Berlin. After graduating from high school, he worked across Canada and then wandered through Asia - a journey that later became the inspiration for the groundbreaking CD Passage. Tinker studied jazz piano, musicology, electroacoustic composition and recording techniques at McGill University in Montreal. After further travels, he settled in Victoria, British Columbia for a while and became a key member of the vibrant and very eclectic music scene. In 2000 Tobias Tinker moved to Germany, where he played piano, accordion and keyboard with Pomp Duck and Circumstances for four years. He then focused on his own music in a number of bands of different styles and on solo and piano concerts before diving back into the circus world. Tinker makes thoughtful music for troubled times ...

Lukas Thielecke | Drums
Lukas Thielecke comes from Bielefeld and started playing drums at the age of nine. In 2016 he graduated from the Mainz University of Music with a major in drums. Since then Lukas has been involved in a large number of studio productions and tours and has worked as a drummer, arranger or composer for the Wintergarten Varieté Berlin, including for the shows "Der helle Wahnsinn", "Seifenoper" and "Like Berlin". What Lukas particularly appreciates about working with circus artists is the challenge of the interplay between music and movement, because everything happens in the now, in the actual moment of the performance. ​​​​ He wrote large parts of the music together with Jack Woodhead and Tobias Tinker.
Florent Mannant | Tenor saxophone, clarinet
Florent Mannant is one of the most important saxophonists in Berlin - from 20s jazz to 50s rhythm'n'blues to electronic music. At the beginning of 2000 his former group "The Oatmeal Swingers" was the centerpiece of a vibrating swing movement - today it is legendary. Finally he founded the "Dirty Honkers", another very successful formation. Florent is also the head of the Syncopation Society, an agency and music collective that focuses on American roots music, blues, jazz and swing.
Felix Buchner | bass
Felix Buchner, grew up in Nuremberg, lives in Berlin. He is a bassist, guitarist and actor in a wide range of ensembles and game situations. Buchner completed his jazz studies with double bass and electric bass at the Nuremberg University of Music in 2013. Since then he has been and can be seen and heard in various children's theater formations, in engagements as a circus musician and on concert tours around the world. Felix Buchner works as a live and studio musician in the fields of pop, rock and singer-songwriter.
Markus Pabst  | Direction, moderation, comedy, singing
Director rebel  / Variety seducer / Bildzauberer: Markus Pabst is a stage magician, visionary and provocative variety innovator. His name stands for visually stunning vaudeville.
His acts are extraordinary, fast, innovative and full of emotions. The internationally acclaimed director star creates shows that cannot be pigeonholed. They are celebrated at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as in Paris, New York, Sydney, China and Dubai. Productions like “Vivace”, “The Caesar Twins”, “Soap”, “Dummy”, “La Clique”, “Der Helle Wahnsinn” are already modern classics of vaudeville - and of course they are always pure rock'n'roll for Eyes and ears.
Born in 1967 in Darmstadt, the Berliner by choice has been one of the most important driving forces behind the European variety show for three decades. The desire for varied and original images gives each of his shows its very own visual kick. Sometimes Markus Pabst brings everyday urban life into the vaudeville theater with circus magic like in the winter garden production “Made in Berlin”, then again he tells stories full of poetry like in the show “Kawumm”, in which he himself is on stage again.  His shows also work perfectly internationally because they convey a massive atmospheric force. Pabst has been on stage again since 2017 and is a writer and photographer.
In 2019 he wrote, acted and staged: The Prince and the Wild Girl and “The Little Prince on Station 7” based on his novel of the same name.
Pierre Caesar | Director
Pierre Caesar has an excellent instinct for contemporary variety productions. As one of the most versatile artists in the world, he knows exactly what is going on on stage and what is not. He brings things together on stage like a painter brings together a picture: artistry, dance, acting.
He creates artistic acts and writes poems and lyrics. Pierre directed the shows "Made in Germany", "Hotel California!" And "Versus". Caesar caused a sensation in 2010 with the much acclaimed newcomer show "BASE". Further directing work: “Made in Berlin”, “BACK to BASE”, “Le Club”, “Like Berlin”, “Kawumm”, “The Trip”, “Pabst Audienz”, “We are that we !?”, "Jack Woodhead & Friends". “Thielke” “The Prince and the Wild Girl” and “The Little Prince on Ward 7”.
As the driving force behind BASE Berlin, he sees himself as a pioneer - a pioneer in terms of perseverance and innovative experimentation. “Some fate is not a lucky star. Some of them survive - they are called PIOniers. "
20 20 | The 20s Variety Revue - The Team
Director:                Pierre Caesar / Markus Pabst
Casting:              Pierre Caesar / Markus Pabst
Choreography:        Chris Myland, Dennis Mac Dao, Alessandro Di Sazio
Composition:        Tobias Tinker, Jack Woodhead, Lukas Thielecke
Light:                 Maximilian Hinze, Peer Bonsack, Stefan Linde
Volume:                  Norbert Särchen, Ulrich Böhme, Matthias Schilling
Stage design:          Jörn Lachmann, Pierre Caesar
Costumes:             Susanne Burkhardt
Stage constructions:        Przemyslaw Majcherek, Hans Thoben, Oliver Heucke, Maximilian Hinze
Stage Management:   Oliver Heucke, Przemyslaw Majcherek, Ben Howell
Stage hand:            Conny Herrford
Theater director:         Thomas Eissler
Producer:           Georg Strecker
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