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Variety 2.0!

DUMMY takes the audience into a whole new dimension!


Who is doll, who is human? What is real and what is illusion? What is the relationship between the living and the artificial? The show DUMMY deals with this question in an unprecedented mixture of breathtaking artistry, state-of-the-art stage technology, fascinating video projections and touching live music and amazes the audience. In DUMMY, the grandiose body art of the world-class artists enters into an impressive dialogue with interactive video designs on a 45 ° tiltable stage.  The creative team for this production is avant-garde in the best sense of the word: exceptional talent Eike von Stuckenbrok and the “godfather” of contemporary variety show Markus Pabst, as well as video designer Frieder Weiss. 
Mario Español Equilibrism & Pole
Nata Galkina antipodes
Alexis Vigneault aerial acrobatics
Laurence Racine acrobatics
Hong Nguyen Thai dance
Reecode music
Oscar Mauricio acrobatics
Lea Prinz contortion & air ring
Lih Qun Wong cello
Marjorie Nantel aerial acrobatics
Idea & direction: Eike von Stuckenbrok &  Markus Pabst
Composition: Reecode & Lih Qun Wong
Video design: Frieder Weiss
Playing time: approx. 2 hours including a break
A production by BASE - Berlin & GOP showconcept - subject to change.
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