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"Africa unplugged"
The exceptional talents come from six different African countries, some of whom have never left their continent and have now found their way onto the stage of the GOP Variety Theater in a wide variety of ways. Here she unites a fresh, cosmopolitan understanding of culture and a love of music, rhythm, dance and lived emotion.
The focal point of the show is the dance floor of an African club, where the most fascinating artists meet every evening.
There is the contortionist who bends like a snake, the two boys who show powerful pole acrobatics, the beautiful woman who circles her hula hoops in an extremely innovative way and many other amazing people who celebrate life .
In the "le club" show, viewers can look forward to extraordinary artistic performances and the sounds typical of Africa and immerse themselves in a diverse and thrilling world full of emotions and modern impulses. Cool lounge atmosphere, exquisite variety art and an unadulterated African attitude towards life. "le club" - a show that moves!



Girma Tsehai: Pole, Juggling & Comedy
The artist, who lives in Ethiopia and Germany, masters bouncing - juggling downwards - like no other. And as if throwing and catching the slippery balls wasn't a task enough, Girma also shows his skills on the pole.
He has already delighted audiences in productions such as “Africa, Africa”, “Big Apple Circus” or “SOAP” and toured the world on various cruise ships. Girma also has a surprise in its luggage, which the female guests in particular will be delighted with
Tarik Usman: Pole, Cyr & Acrobatics
When Tarik Usman fills out the line “street name” on an address sheet, he writes “we don't have”. Because where it comes from - in Addis Ababa, the fast, lively capital of Ethiopia - the streets do not have a name everywhere.
Tarik comes from far away and happily mixes the essence of his culture with the elements of classical acrobatics - on the ground as well as on the pole and in the head-high Cyr ring. He took the opportunity to professionalize his talent at a Chinese circus school. He then gained his first stage experience on cruise ships before he was discovered by the creatives of the GOP theaters.
Michele Clark: Hula Hoop & Air Ring
A palpably sensual atmosphere surrounds Michele Clark while she interweaves tires for tires, dazzling illusions, daring tricks and familiar elements from dance, play and circus to create a very unique form of the new hula hoop. This is modern variety, as we love it and as it is celebrated by the "young generation".
Jade Lee Petersen: Contortion & Lifting Cloth
Can there be people without bones? We have always been fascinated when someone with a relaxed smile on their face crosses their feet behind their head or looks casually through their own legs from behind.
The South African Jade Lee Petersen is a master of his trade and this time he will take his secret back with him again ... But one thing is certain, Jade has his head and heart in the right place!
Angel Caycedo Casierra: tightrope dance & acrobatics
A South American with African roots, whose ability on the rope goes beyond some previously seen dimensions: Angel, as "angel" is in Spanish, lives up to his first name on the rope and enchants with dancing ease and an enormous repertoire of difficult tricks.
Incidentally, Angel Casierra first studied theology before switching to another heavenly discipline. In his Colombian homeland he learned tight rope dancing at a socially oriented circus school for young people. Since you can't stand on one leg - or in Angel's case particularly well - he also shines with his performance as a floor acrobat.
Lawrence Mensah: Tub Rolling & Acrobatics
The 27-year-old Ghanaian is a real jack-of-all-trades. In addition to the traditional African discipline of balancing and turning large washing tubs on fingers and sticks, he has also mastered the art of floor acrobatics and juggling. In addition, he has dedicated himself to modern dance and shows at "le club" not only African dance but also modern styles such as hip-hop and modern. Lawrence builds a bridge on stage from the acrobatic legacy of his homeland to the young and creative body art scene that is more likely to be found in cities like Berlin or New York.
Omar Dudley: Jump rope
Jump rope in the schoolyard and jump rope like Omar Dudley - these are clearly two worlds. When you see the American on stage, a mild form of dizziness comes over you as a spectator. Its pace, the somersaults, jumps and dance moves can hardly be followed with the eyes. Just watching gives you an energy kick that extends well beyond the end of the show. The super athlete has toured through 14 countries in his 17 years as a professional. In the United States, he has been to each state at least four times. His dream - for some time much later: Omar Dudley would like to set up a training center for young people in his hometown so that he can pass on his joy in movement and artistry.
Adama Hawa Sow Ep Bodian: Dance
Mame Diarra Mbaye: dance

These two sympathetic bundles of energy sweep across the “le club” stage with incredible energy and strength. They learned the art of African dance in Senegal. They move very quickly and yet gracefully and gracefully. With this form of art of movement, the feet in particular seem to lead a life of their own. However, one does not have to understand how exactly Hawa and Diarra carry out the complicated sequence of steps in order to be able to enjoy this spectacle to the fullest.
Awa Diarra, Noutie Coulibaly, Boureima Kamate & Abou Diarra: Music
Rhythms that infect you, music that gets under your skin ... on the one hand strange, on the other hand so familiar because it hits everyone right in the heart. The four musicians from Burkina Faso present African music to us on mostly traditional instruments. Performed with a love of home and an open view of the world and accompanied by Awa's powerful and touching singing.
Directed by Markus Pabst & Pierre Caesar
Set design: Monica Danielsson & Reinhard Bichsel
Show duration: approx. 2 hours including a break
A production by GOP showconcept in cooperation with More Promotion and kind support from BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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