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Lively entertainment, brilliant acrobatics, first-class entertainment at world level!
The German version of SOAP is  performing as  WET- the show in the GOP Cabarets.
The daring artists act young, wild and playful in the breathtaking show, which is not only thanks to modern body art, wet mop ballet  is a spectacular highlight for young and old.
Soaking wet, wildly delighted and artful in a special way, this is how the show with the evocative title WET rushes across the stage. In this refreshing water feature, the directors have brought together what actually doesn't belong together: solid acrobatics and slippery water.
Six bathtubs not only combine to form a stage set, but they are also the basis for a wide variety of actions by the artists.
Lying in the bathtub, Ludmila Nikoleva shows that she can juggle brilliantly with hands and feet at the same time. While her colleague Adem Endris transforms up to seven pink balls into a real fountain of artistic excellence on the bottom of an upturned white tub. Anton Belyakov uses the antique tub to let his stylish handstand acrobatics end abruptly in the tub water in an emotionally rousing way. Again and again his body slaps into the damp element, only to shoot up like a Dephin to the new fictional character. Far above the enamelled paddling pool, Lena Ries on the air ring, Daniel Stern on the straps and Moritz Haase on the trapeze are no less brilliant. But even they are not spared from refreshing effects at lofty heights. Permanent drizzle moisturizes your muscular body. The Chippendales and the Coca Cola window cleaner send their regards. With a wink and very skillful.
WET is really an unconventional show, a real breakwater with outstanding world-class acrobats: spirited, tingling, sparkling and full of power.
A world success!
Nicole  Ratjen: Comedy
Jennifer Lindshield: vocals
Lena Ries: contortion & tablecloth
Anton Belyakov: handstand
Moritz Haase: dance trapeze
Ludmila  Nikolaev: antipodes
Daniel Stern: Straps
Adem Endris: juggling
Director: Markus Pabst & Maximilian Rambaek 
Show duration: approx. 2 hours including a break
A production by GOP showconcept in cooperation with More Promotion and kind support from BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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