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Two absolute luminaries in their artistic field present together
a show full of music, passion, acrobatics, comedy and sensuality.

David Pereiras acrobatics leaves passionate performances in the air and on the
Soil emerge. Physicality, dance, acrobatics and passion come together
a perfect total work of art.
Jack Woodhead is a reincarnation of cabaret in a modern guise. With perfect piano playing and terrific singing, he repeatedly manages the balancing act between loud, funny, coarse tones and calm poetics. Pereira and Woodhead met at BASE BERLIN and have been working together in various shows since then.
In Whipstick, Pierre Caesar developed the beauty of the variety and allows poetry to merge with dreamy piano sounds. The stylistic devices, which could not be more different, merge into one unit.
Both artists together in one show are a guarantee for a completely new path in the chanson and variety scene.

Directed by Pierre Caesar
Playing time: approx. 90 minutes

A production BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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