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 Director and author Markus Pabst and burlesque cabaret star Jack Woodhead present a unique mixture of stand-up comedy, poetry slam, chanson and cabaret in “Woodhead and the Pabst”. The Berlin resident Markus Pabst has already celebrated international success with his variety and theater productions and is known for his extraordinary productions, which earned him titles such as “Punk des Variety”. A trained pianist and singer from Manchester, Jack Woodhead is a talented, intelligent bird of paradise who, with his colorful personality, is an overall human event. Pabst and Woodhead have already written for show productions and musicals such as “Der helle Wahnsinn”, “Soifenoper”, “Sally and Fred” and “KAWUMM”. In their unplugged program “Woodhead und der Pabst” they tell with lyrics and songs in an exclusive and relaxed atmosphere about the development of their shows - in their very own, unmistakable style; humorous,
         touching and with that certain something.   
Lyrics: Markus Pabst
Musical direction: Jack Woodhead
Directed by Pierre Caesar

A production by BASE BERLIN. Subject to changes.
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